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No Space for Intellectual Rights in India

In yet another setback to Modis Make in India campaign where India score second last on Intellectual Property Index just above Venezuela.

Continuing loss of lives in Siachen

The lethal Siachen avalanche which led to the loss of nine lives on February 3

TRAI Upholds Net Neutrality

The TRAI regulations that prevents differential pricing of data depending up on the origin of the content have set a global precedent

Constitutional Boss Advice to Subordinate

The President of India has asked constitutional post holders to uphold the ideals enshrined under the Constitution of India.

Soothing waves for Indian FM

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is estimating GDP to its five year high this year ending 31st March.

CRISPR-Cas The Next Generation Technology

Many children born to this earth will have congenital inherited disorders that can only be managed and not cured.
daily-doseIndia Raises Domestic Pharma Concerns To U.S.
daily-doseBreaking Silence on Pathankot
daily-doseCompulsory Licensing again to the scanner
daily-doseOptimistic on Passage of Much Awaited Insolvency Law

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Undergraduates Can Also Start preparing for IAS

Stories of the never ending syllabus of the UPSC civil service exam with aspirants, mentors and successful candidates repeating this stories many people think that for becoming successful in civil service

Recharge your Motivation Level for UPSC

The Union Public Service Commission draws its powers from the Article 315 of the Constitution of India.

General Studies Paper III - A quantitative Analysis

The general studies paper III of the civil service mains examinations carry a maximum mark of 250 covering topics

Civil service in Limelight

Many people, especially polity learners at their early stages may think about why the nation needs a civil service who are elected through a competitive exam

Rumors Surrounding Optionals - The way Out

Many rumors are spreading among the civil service aspirants about the prospects of the option for the civil service exam

Be Wise In Choosing Optionals

For the people who start to prepare for the civil service exams from the scratch there is big confusion about selecting the optional for the mains exam.
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 Thought Screen on Editorial


Dubious Side of Growth Story

Although projection of economic growth @7.6 % appears to be achievable but by analyzing overall economy closely it may appear to be som....

From Cooperative to Partisan

The incumbent Governments much acclaimed system of cooperative federalism appears to fake. Rather promoting Cooperative federalism in t....

Incidence Questioning Culture of a City

Recent attack on foreign nationals on the soil of Bengaluru has again brought its cosmopolitanism to question. Although this city has n....

TPP May Redraw World Economic Scenario

Signed but awaiting ratification, ambitious TPP may change the world economic scenario which is still grappling with slowdown of 2008 f....

Success of MGNREGA Refuted Sceptics

By and large it can be said, MGREGA has been able to achieve its purpose. Those once skeptical about the success of scheme in its nasce....
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 Question of the Day (Prelims & Mains)

Question of the Day for Prelims

Blue Economy Strategic Thought Forum India  comes under which of the following organizations?

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Question of the Day for Mains
Q .

What do you mean by Trade facilitation agreement (TFA). What is the main concern of India regarding TFA with WTO (World Trade Organization)?

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 Campus Special

President's Nod To Whistle Blowers Bill

People who expose corruption in government or irregularities by public functionaries can now be free of any fear of victimization.

National Policy on Universal Electronic Accessibility

The Union Cabinet has approved the National Policy on Universal Electronic Accessibility that recognizes the need to eliminate discrimination on the basis of disabilities

National AIDS Control Programme Phase - IV

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved a gross budgetary support of Rs. 8632.77 crore

 UPSC Notifications

Preliminary Examination for Civil Services and IFos Examination 2015
Thе Union Public Sеrvicе Commission will hold thе Civil Sеrvicеs (Prеliminаry) Еxаminаtion, 2015 on Аugust 23, 2015.
DoPT comes out with clarification regarding age and attempts in Civil Services Exam
The Department of Personnel and Training in response to the news published in The Hindu on 18th November, 2014, clarified in a notification that it is true that the Government has took decision on ARC report.

 Interesting Facts for IAS Exam

  • A surrogacy arrangement is the carrying of a pregnancy for intended parents. There are two main types of surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy.
  • The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) estimates the practice of Commercial surrogacy in India will generate $2.3bn a year with nearly 20,000 such clinics operating across the country. However, there is no law to regulate the same. The Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill, 2013 has been pending for quite a while and it has not been presented in the Indian Parliament.
  • In 2002, the Supreme Court of India in the Manjis case (Japanese Baby) has held that commercial surrogacy is legal in India. , a U.N.-backed study estimates that the surrogacy business has raked in more than $400 million a year.
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