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 UPSC Daily Dose : Current Affairs

Evaluation of fighter aircraft and professional decisions

Recently, Indian Navy decided not to induct the indigenous Tejas fighter aircraft.

Demonetization and hurried augmentation in usage of digital platforms

Before demonetization, the recent breach of debit cards of several prominent banks had set the ball rolling in banking system

Climate change and ensuing environment refugees

Climate change and ensuing rising sea levels, famines, droughts, and other natural disasters have caused an increasing number of people to face displacement globally.

A laudable move towards cashless economy

The demonetization is one of the biggest economic reforms undertaken in independent India.

Export sector and digitization

The Commerce & Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman believes that Election Commission of India (ECI) should consider the proposal for state funding of elections

Kashmir schools get a new lease of life

On the morning of September 13, 2016, an uneasy calm prevailed in the Kashmir valley as Id-ul-Zuha, a day of reflection offering a transitory relief
daily-doseThe saga of banning and unbanning continues
daily-doseDemocracy, leaders and populism
daily-doseMandating Patriotism Service Through an Entertainment Industry
daily-doseFacebooks objective stand on faking it

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UPSC Mains 2016 - Essay Paper Analysis

Civil Services Mains Essay paper 2016 conducted by Union Public Service Commission, has just completed.

Civil Services Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude Test 2017

UPSC Prelims 2017 has started to roll down on the UPSC calendar year.

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Chronicle All India Prelims Test Series 2017 ( with Special Focus on Current Affairs ) (Starting Date : 19th November 2016)

Free Introductory Test - Chronicle All India Self Assessment Prelims Test 2017

UPSC Prelims 2017 has begun its count down. Chronicle All India Prelims Test series 2017 is a test package which is best designed to check your preparation level

Reforms in Indian Administrative Services (IAS): way ahead

In order to tackle manifold challenges of a developing India what the country needs desperately is robust and efficient administrative machinery.
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 Thought Screen on Editorial


The cult of fidayeen and india

The cult of the fidayeen is not about killing, it s about dying. Fidayeen warfare is actually a sideshow. It is ineffective militarily ....

Liberalism the casualty of growing xenophobia

The prevalent view is that progressive politics and liberal ideas are threatened under the onslaught of rising hatred, anxiety, unemplo....

Nationalism, patriotism or rising jingoism

It looks like the trend of teaching and instilling patriotism is picking up pace and is here to stay. Nationalism and patriotism seem t....

The larger goal of citizens basic rights and economy

Today the Supreme Court will commence hearing the slew of cases that raise questions on the haphazard implementation of demonetization ....

The continuing pakistan saga

The hyphenation of India-Pakistan relationship continues in all its glory since Independence and looks well entrenched in history to co....
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 Question of the Day (Prelims & Mains)

Question of the Day for Prelims

Consider the following statements.

(I) The sided bond scheme has an annual cap of 500 grams per person and such bond will be issued for 5-7 years.
(II) Minimum permissible investment in these bonds is 20 grams of gold.
(III) The main objectives of the scheme are to reduce the demand for physical gold.

Which of the following is are correct?

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Question of the Day for Mains
Q .

"Growth without jobs or Jobs without growth is not possible in the arena of globalisation and more openness of the world economy". Evaluate the statement.

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 Campus Special


The Central Budget 2016-17, widely hailed as a pro-rural and pro-poor budget has been touted as a boring, unimaginative policy programme, which does precious little for raising the investment climate in the country as was evident from a skidding Sensex through the day.

President's Nod To Whistle Blowers Bill

People who expose corruption in government or irregularities by public functionaries can now be free of any fear of victimization.

National Policy on Universal Electronic Accessibility

The Union Cabinet has approved the National Policy on Universal Electronic Accessibility that recognizes the need to eliminate discrimination on the basis of disabilities

 UPSC Notifications

Preliminary Examination for Civil Services and IFos Examination 2015
Thе Union Public Sеrvicе Commission will hold thе Civil Sеrvicеs (Prеliminаry) Еxаminаtion, 2015 on Аugust 23, 2015.
DoPT comes out with clarification regarding age and attempts in Civil Services Exam
The Department of Personnel and Training in response to the news published in The Hindu on 18th November, 2014, clarified in a notification that it is true that the Government has took decision on ARC report.

 Interesting Facts for IAS Exam

  • A surrogacy arrangement is the carrying of a pregnancy for intended parents. There are two main types of surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy.
  • The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) estimates the practice of Commercial surrogacy in India will generate $2.3bn a year with nearly 20,000 such clinics operating across the country. However, there is no law to regulate the same. The Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill, 2013 has been pending for quite a while and it has not been presented in the Indian Parliament.
  • In 2002, the Supreme Court of India in the Manjis case (Japanese Baby) has held that commercial surrogacy is legal in India. , a U.N.-backed study estimates that the surrogacy business has raked in more than $400 million a year.
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