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A new world, a bolder foreign policy

The changing regimes with election of new leaders brings about new policies and new ways of working. Is national interest ever served by avoiding problems left over by a previous regime?

Our country faces similar strategic choices as the Chinese President Xi Jinping  and  the U.S. President Donald Trump. There is a need to challenge long-established beliefs on whether the elements of power will rotate around trade, force, or diplomacy, as the primary tool in the next world order.

Let us consider the world in last 2 decades, incomes in the West has stagnated, per capita income in India s more than doubled and in China it has quadrupled.  The ageing society and progressive technology is disrupting business models and labour markets.  The world is moving towards a multipolar order.

The functioning of the global economy  has reset the relationship between large and small economies and it has reduced the hegemony of US in the world as it has increased the leverage exercised by the China who is on its toes with initiatives like Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, New Development Bank and One Belt, One Road (OBOR).

The world is moving towards protectionism as the major countries struggle with social issues in their domestic economies. Understandably, Mr. Trump is prioritizing trade over peacekeeping, environment and human rights. Other countries like Japan and the U.K are expected to follow the suit.

India needs to prepare itself in face of upcoming challenges.  We need a bold vision on Kashmir. There is a change in mode of conflict  from direct to remote controlled. We should put in massive investment in cybersecurity and digital economy. 

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