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Choices for a Greener Future

Carbon footprint indicates the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by the activities undertaken by an individual or an organization or a community. CO2 has the largest greenhouse effect on the planet, accelerating global warming.

Reducing an individual’s carbon footprint depends on one’s lifestyle choices. Often, governments promote some choices to reduce carbon footprint, but these are incremental in nature.

Now, researchers from Sweden identified four choices that can have a drastic impact in reducing one’s carbon footprint. These, they say, are very rarely promoted among the public.

Four Choices
• Eating plant-based diet
Avoiding travel by air
Car-free living
Having smaller families

The researchers measured the amount of CO2 that could be saved by following these choices.

Going car-free will save 2.4 tons of CO2 equivalent per year
Eating greens will save about 0.8 tons of CO2
By not travelling by aero plane will save about 1.6 tons
And having one less child in a country like Unites States will reduce the carbon footprint by about 58.6 tons

To finalize these four choices, the researchers analyzed carbon calculators, government reports on individual lifestyle choices that may reduce GHGs (Greenhouse gases) and peer-reviewed research papers.

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