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Extinction by Humans Underway

First complete analysis if the trends of species extinction across the world by scientists from Stanford University, USA has revealed that Earth is now witnessing sixth mass extinction, which is occurring more quickly than thought.

Vertebrates (animals with backbone) are declining rapidly with more than 30% of them facing fall in their population numbers and range.

Ten years ago, many experts thought that planet wide extinction of species was looming. But today, they feel that it is already underway.

The analysis by the scientists provides data for more than 25000 species on wildlife threats, their shrinking ranges and population numbers. Data for 177 mammals covers a period ranging from 1900 to 2015.

These mammal species have one-third of their original habitat with 40% of them now roaming on just 20% of their original habitat. This include animals like rhinos, gorillas, lions, cheetahs andorangutans.

The researchers say that this loss of biodiversity is accelerated very recently pointing to the impact of humans on the planet.

Data shows thatthere are less than 20,000 lions, 7,000 cheetahs, 500 to 1,000 giant pandas, and about 250 Sumatran rhinocerosin the wild.

Two vertebrate species disappear every year, on an average

The impact is higher in the tropical regions with South and Southeast Asia witnessing loss of four-fifths of the ranges of large-bodied mammal species.

Researchers noted that the temperate zone is witnessing fewer species loss but the percentage is high.

Drivers for extinction


The researchers point to pollution, invasive species, diseases, over consumption and poaching as the major drivers for decline in wildlife habitat loss with climate change becoming a major threat in the future.

It is the lack of empathy towards wildlife by human species is driving the current mass extinction in the history of the world. It can be completely said that we are to be blamed for the present situation.

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