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Geo poltics and Indias short sightedness

With a China-Russia-Pakistan axis already on the rise,  China is steadily increasing its geo-strategic presence in West, Central and South Asia. The geopolitical vacuum bound to be created by the U.S.  is being happily sought by  Russia  and China. And where is New Delhi amidst all this? New Delhi s national security team and foreign policy establishment  is either disinterested or clueless or lack the wherewithal to proactively watch the happenings in its broader neighbourhood  and engage and shape geostrategic outcomes in the region.

In  international politics, alliances are natural bypassing the friend-enemy binaries. Till recently, historically Russia hasn t shared a close relationship with either China or Pakistan. The coming together of an ambitious China, a resurgent Russia and opportunistic Pakistan to undo US dominance in the region will also have a detrimental effect on the Indian influence. Building on its approachable image  as an infrastructure provider, it is easier for China to  engage the smaller countries in South Asia than in West Asia.

Pakistan – the   global outcast  is an inevitable lynchpin of Southern Asian geopolitics.   Pakistan has come a long way, from the days when it was currying favour with US to Moscow and Beijing are actively courting it today. From Afghan Taliban, LeT and other terrorist groups that emanates from its soil, it is a pivotal state in addressing terror.

India s reactive diplomacy is short-sighted. Why is designating Masood Azhar a terrorist playing havocs in determining our relationship with one of our biggest trading partners ? Yes, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will pass through Pakistan-controlled territory that India has claimed but given the benefits as well as cross-national and inter-continental linkages of the futuristic mega-project, it is important that India find a way with China on the issue than blankly dismissing it. India needs to see the bigger picture.  

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