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Poor votes or demon EVM

Its the loser blame game again, as it is whenever a political party loses out to a political opponent and is looking for a appropriate reason for its defeat at the election polls. As time and again, they are blaming the electronic voting machine (EVM) for their electoral failure. This is despite the fact that the Election Commission of India (ECI) has always demonstrated the fool-proof nature and reliability of the EVM, through increased and transparent measures. EVMs cannot be influenced or manipulated by signals from mobile phones or any other source. Being standalone machines, EVMs are not networked either by wire or by wireless to any other machine or system. The ECI has  time and again prescribed a number of steps to enhance transparency and the reliability of the machines and given the opportunity to political parties to test the same. But still that has not stopped the idle minds to manufacture wild stories  about a secret programme built into the software that will transfer all votes to a favourite party. There are three primary reasons for an electoral defeat of a  political party – first that the voters  rejected them,  second can be one’s own poor leadership or the incompetence of party functionaries. Both of these being uncomfortable and politically incorrect reasons holds the door wide open to demonise an electronic voting machine (EVM), VVPAT or no VVPAT.  Another step in the right direction will be the  introduction of VVPAT or Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail. This will further strengthen transparency.

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