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Recently, Luo Zhaohui, the Chinese Ambassador to India, had suggested some measures for improvement of bilateral ties between China and India. In past months, things haven't worked well for the two countries - with Chinese opposition to India's Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) bid, deployment of Chinese engineering and military assets in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, its veto to banning of Masood Azhar, a terrorist-progenitor under the U.N. Security Council's 1267 Committee and the development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The relations are riddled with various kinds of tensions. The Prime Minister criticised the CPEC saying, "Connectivity in itself cannot override or undermine the sovereignty of other nations." The Line of Actual Control between India and China remains conflicting subject to differing interpretations by both India and China. The bilateral relationship between India and China have continually iterated, renunciated and revived the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence over the years. While India shouldn't spurn the cooperative gestures made by China, it should explore what the proposal entails.
India's reservations and tentative reactions on CPEC passing through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir has been due to Chinese disregard to the sovereignty issues. The border problem will take its time to resolve. Both the countries have common interest in curbing religious terrorism and radicalism. Competitive coexistence while promoting business and people-centred connectivity should be in both countries' interest.

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