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Today's Debate
No matter how big a company is, lax corporate governance standards is a recipe for disaster.
Other Debates
How far Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has been changed the city cleanness programme. Debate
Indias recent military strike against Pakistan will have any positive impact on its strategy and foreign policy.
India has recently boycotted the SAARC Summit 2016. Debate on above issue.
Indias move to isolate Pakistan after the cross-border terrorist attack is showing a quick and good result. Debate on above topic in the context of upcoming SAARC summit.
Yesterday in United Nation general assembly, India took its campaign to diplomatically isolate Pakistan; External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj asking the world community to hold countries that nurture, peddle and export terrorism to account. Debate how can India proceeds for this agenda to counter Pakistan.
India has recently signed Paris climate agreement.
Inclusive growth can curb the problem regionalism in India
The Food security Bill will have devastating effect on economy
Keeping political parties out of the RTI's Act preview is must for smooth functioning of the government.
Ethics depend on informal education rather than formal
A change in mindset of society is needed to reduce "Honour Killing".
The Phenomenon of "inclusive growth" is a misnomer.
Should IPL be discontinued in the interest of Cricket?
Do you think the war in Afghanistan has succeeded in curbing terrorism?
Education in vernacular language can increase literacy rate of India.
Is a Two Party System better than Coalition Government System?
Clinical Trials should be made a cognizable offence in India.
Caste based Census will help in revision of ongoing schemes to bring inclusive growth.
Voters in India should be given a choice for "Blank Vote" to exercise their franchise.
Commercial Surrogacy is a violation of Human Rights: Needs to be banned in India.
"Gross Domestic Happiness showcases better picture of nation's well being than GDP"
"Multinational Companies establishing new age colonialism."
Is Freedom of Speech for all Indian citizens rightly protected under Indian constitution?
Deregulation of sugar sector will strengthen backward linkages
Is Poverty the nucleus of Child Labour?
PSU disinvestments Vs Privatisation
India-China Policy- Should be assertive or effective?
Vocational Education Vs. Academic Education
Is Narco-Analysis Test a violation of Human Rights ?
Should India set up a Sovereign Wealth Fund?
Human Greed : The biggest enemy of mankind.
"Indians are becoming literate but not educated."
Dams "The temples of Modern India" : Is it really true?
Female Foeticide: Should Government give incentives for female child to curb this practice?
Women Reservation Bill : Will it be able to bring a real change ?
GM food: A threat for human health
Nuclear power can lead the "clean energy" revolution
Self Help Groups: "Keystone for women empowerment"
Do smaller States lead to better governance?
Administered Pricing Regime vs. Decontrolled pricing regime for petroleum products
Will the Greener Tax be able to combat climate change?
Euthanasia:Should it be Legalized?
Is political indeciveness responsible for inadequate FDI in India ?
Legal binding on all the member countries of UN can solve the problem of climate change.
Does the FDI in multi brand retailing an example of blind following of pro-western policies?
Is the Proactive Judicial Activism diluting the basic structure of the Indian Parliamentary system?
Democratic India or Communist China: Who is projecting the better picture of the future of Asia?
Whether the changes in the lifestyle and contaminated environment are responsible for the growth of Non Communicable diseases among the masses?
Will the AADHAR SCHEME prove to be a boon or a bane for Indian citizens ?
Will food subsidies in the form of cash rather than goods improve the lives of the underprivileged ?
Women empowerment has to be started from societal upliftment - making laws not sufficient
'Rule of Law' Principle enshrined in constitution: Does it widens the disparity between 'haves' and 'have not'?
Compulsory Voting as New Electoral Reform : Boon or Bane for the Nation.
"A shift from socialist to market based economy" - Has it benefited only the middle class?
Libyan Crisis: Should India Intervene or Not?
Election in West Bengal : Success of Mamta or defeat of left ideology.
Four days of protest and the government agreed to all the demands put forth by Mr. Hazare. Iron Sharmila, the Iron Lady of Manipur, is yet to get her demands addressed despite 11 years of hunger strike. Is it fair to deny justice to her and the people of Manipur because she is not a popular symbol of protest?
Do the irresponsible statements by Congress ministers in recent times especially in case of 2G spectrum scam, Commonwealth Games, CVC appointment and most recently in WIKILEAKS revelation by The Hindu refelcts that this government is too corrupt and has developed a thick skin to all the cirticism against it and is involved in large scale undemocratic practises and open demogogy.
Phone Tapping is Misuse of Power or for Security Reason?
Formation of Telangana state is a solution or a new problem?
Price Rise: Whether government negligence or natural?
Revelations by wikileaks has the potential to change the dynamics of international politics.
Is 8.5% growth achievable during this fiscal (2010-11)?
Will Obama's visit to india, strengthen the Indo-US economic ties ?
In recent days environment minister has showed activism while granting environmental clearance to developemental projects.
Has G-20 overtaken G-8 as the most influential international lobby?
Does the success of Commonwealth games guarantee that games other than cricket might get due recognition by both- the Government and the public?
Commonwealth Games 2010 can be termed as successful in terms of both, its unhindered completion and Indian performance.
Imposition of presdient rule has been a long debated issue in India
Individual ambitions of political leaders in karantaka is overshadowing the overall interest of the state.
India has soleneed all crities of CWG by throwing up a spectacular opening ceremony.
China-Pakistan nuclear cooperation can be a set back to international effort against nuclear prolifiration
Violance in Kashmir shows that there is genuine anger among the local population.
Caste census will help government in better targeting of the weaker sections in development schemes.
Doping charges against Indian athletes is a setback to India's prospects in CWG-2010
Developing of a new port in Sri Lanka with Chinese help is a set back to India's strategic interests in South Asian Region
Competitive identity politics has led to fragmentation of political discourse in India
Naxalism is an offshoot of India's lopsided developmental agenda.
Does India lack political will and imagination to deal with Kashmir crisis?
Can India sidestep terrorism for normalising relations with Pakistan?
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