Price Rise: Whether government negligence or natural?
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Price Rise: Whether government negligence or natural?
» Mihir sahoo, bhubaneswer, 2011-01-02 09:47:50
Price rise is due to govt. improper action.central govt. takes price rise lightly.if not then for example every year in this time onion price increase,but supply of onion to other country also increases at this if govt. takes action in less supply of onion to other country then onion price will not increase.
» Sinkaravelan, pudukkottai, 2010-12-31 00:17:40
before we are going to launch satellites, before we are going to buy more nuclear weapons, we must take care about the poor indian citizens. we must understand the feelings of the below poverty line people, price rise is consider to been a great menace to the 70% of the indian population. only the government take the entire responsibility for the sudden rise of price. there was some immediate change required in the economic policy of our government, to maintain the price rise under control.
» MAHENDRA SINGH, alappuzha, 2010-12-28 00:35:43
it is absolute concern of the government to control the price doing all the certain managements. -it should control the stockist and the black marketing of the things. as the government is busy to celebrate the SCAM sessions,so don't have the ample of time to control the price rise. and the people have to pay for the negligence of the government.
» Neha Mani Tripathi, lucknow, 2010-12-24 21:51:23
the price rise is a price to be paid for the rising cannot be stopped but it can definitely be lowered down by some proper actins from the side of the government.
» Ruchi Radha, New Delhi, 2010-12-24 00:12:31
The government is very well concerned about the problem of Price rise. In no case it can be called as negligence. Rather the fact remains that govt. should make a proper accountability plan for the same.
» Doi Tarak, India, 2010-12-21 08:57:32
Its natural as far as globalization is concern, but then govt needs to take proper action on raising essential commodities.
» Ankita upadhyay, kanpur, 2011-01-02 01:22:00
everything comes with the price attach, rise in price of one basic commodity leads to other which takes the form of vested interest by few people who in pretext of price rise starts harrasing the common base price leading to trauma and later government intervention in it leads to regulation of price which is termed and indentified as price rise
» Rashmi Singh, Delhi, 2010-12-29 02:05:55
Government should not be blamed completely for the price rise. why just blame it, when the business class is trying to set a monopoly over the economy. Government can only regulate he price according to the availability of the products. Its the business class who is creating a deficit in the market. This needs a check.
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