Four days of protest and the government agreed to all the demands put forth by Mr. Hazare. Iron Sharmila, the Iron Lady of Manipur, is yet to get her demands addressed despite 11 years of hunger strike. Is it fair to deny justice to her and the people of Manipur because she is not a popular symbol of protest?
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Four days of protest and the government agreed to all the demands put forth by Mr. Hazare. Iron Sharmila, the Iron Lady of Manipur, is yet to get her demands addressed despite 11 years of hunger strike. Is it fair to deny justice to her and the people of Manipur because she is not a popular symbol of protest?
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» HARSH, RANCHI, 2011-05-20 22:01:04
we are in condition to remove AFSPA....BECAUSE OF THE insurgency in NE states....
» Raviteja, hyd, 2011-05-03 10:41:59
The main point here to remember is before anna hazare fast he is not well known out side Maharastra ,but people r disguised with rampant corruption scandal people r looking for a person who will lead a campign sciencerly with out any political motivation .At this movement Anna along with well known activists started it.People and media responded to their agaitation very well .But in case of mainpur it is unfortunate that most of the indians dont have knoeledge about north east states their history and culture,and particularly problems they facing.most of us think that militacy present in only in kashmir unaware of n-e states militacy.Media never gave attention to these people.
» Faiz Aq, delhi, 2011-04-20 22:21:23
ANNA HAZARE by supporting NARENDAR MODI has showed what he is made of. he is just like any other activist trying to score political points. IT WAS ANNA HAZARE WHO SUPORTED RAJ THAKREY WHEN THEY WERE BEATING UP NORTH INDIANS IN MAHARASHTRA, what kind of genuine well wisher of the country would do that. look at the pity condition of the minorities in GUJRAT. NARENDR MODI should be tried for GENOCIDE because he was supposed to protect people of his state but insted he chose to kill them, and here we have a so called GANDHIAN who supports him.. look at SHANTI BHUSHAN, HE is probably as corrupt as lalu yadav or mayavati but he is going to draft the LOKPAL BILL ,i mean it is a shame...the youth should support a genuine activist like IROM SHARMILA and not an OPPURTUNIST like ANNA HAZARE
» October, delhi, 2011-04-18 02:03:58
i come from Manipur. I really doubt if the person putting up this debate topic stands with an honest heart of concern for Manipur - a state infested with corruption, insurgency,etc., and the centre's irresposibilty which is the fuel that makes the state burning. Who cares....No not even the person putting up this topic, who don't even bother to put up the correct spelling of Irom Sharmila (not Iron Sharmila). I don't blame the media for not projecting Sharmila 24X7 (as the case of Hazre) for they r just filled with the idea of fattening their bank account. Sharmila might not be a part of India against corruption group but surely she has been spear heading the fight on issues of corruption and human rights for more than 4 X 1000 days and still going without food but futile struggle so far. It is fair to deny Justice to Irom Sharmila and Manipur and for that matter North East India because our MPs and Misniters - Politicians are not in the danger zone of losing their job of corruption. So why should they sweat more for the sake of Manipur when they have not much to lose even if they never care (the present case). Any way who really cares....What it is, is just fair!!
» Abhishek kumar, patna, 2011-05-16 03:58:40
leaders are born when the mass needs him/her. gandhi ji might not have been able to gain such a mass support if the mass didnt feel a need for a leader. mr hazare hit the bulls eye this time,he recognized the vaccum of a leader to vent out the anger of the masses..same as mahatma gandhi could. but we cant give the credit to mr hazare..its the credit of the mass. ms sharmila though have turned to be a courageous protester but is unable to gain a mass support...thus failing to be a leader. her inability to achieve her demands is only because the mass is not showing its full turnout there. the media and social-networking aids are not being utilized in her part of world at its full
» Sanjay, hyderabad, 2011-04-19 07:02:45
we have to give attention to north-east region or else we will have to face revolt in comming future.
» Sheik Salahuddin, Mysore, 2011-04-19 04:49:54
We cannot deny that Anna HZR and his movement has received so much popularity. There are many reasons why the movement has gained huge prominence as compared to the one lead by Iron Sharmila. Firstly, Political interference of opposition parties for a Vote bank politics. Secondly, the movement was held at the capital city of India (which is also political capital of India). Thirdly, the people are well educated in the northern and rest of India as compared to North-eastern states, where there are mostly Tribal communities with limited education and limit hold of law and order and, Fourthly, THE MEDIA has a played a critical role in its publicity as it was a golden opportunity for them. But the same has not happened in case of Iron Sharmila’s movement. She is fighting for north-eastern parts of India. The north eastern parts of India which are rich in minerals and forest resources on one hand but there are so many issues like Naxalism, illiteracy, refugee issues, weak hold of Law and order and inaction/very less action of respective governments of the these states towards the on going problems has not drawn the attention of these people. It may sound quite strange but if Iron Sharmila takes the association with political power with a mixture of Media help, she can gain the same popularity for her movement too.
» Anumeha Saxena, delhi, 2011-04-16 00:44:18
this is the sickness of indian media- basically electronic,though print is also to be blamed equally. but as we have seen it is electronic that has a much larger influence. We,as citizens of India, are also to be blamed for such behaviour. It is just that corruption is a pest that is eating the country and each and every citizen,on the other hand we are completely insensitive to the needs of our people in Manipur. It is affecting them alone,so we see little support coming up for the Iron Lady Irom Sharmila. It is very disheartening to see such treatment being meted out to her and people of Manipur.
» Sonia, punjab, 2011-04-14 05:47:00
No this is not right.i thting media shoud help her too.she should also be addressed by the govt.
» Shalini verma, india, 2011-04-12 23:38:10
no..its not fair.india is a democratc should cover sharmeela's problem
» Bharath, chennai, 2011-04-12 07:19:09
This is truly ironical to what could possibly transpire into an indifferent limelight based on media attention and demand for staging protest. Both Mr.Anna Hazare and Iron Sharmila should be appreciated for making an effort to bring in a positive change in our country. But probably Anna Hazare is fighting for more chronic problem than the latter and that Corruption being a rotting problem faced by almost every Indian has instantaneously got public support from around the country is one reason. Second being the media attention, I say, Nothing positive or negative can happen at a large scale without media intervention. Media should also cover Sharmila’s demand and should help it reach to a wider audience so that her demand can get a public support which inturn will put pressure on govt and make them listen her.
» Raagul, Bangalore, 2011-04-11 10:28:16
When asked if government was fair for Sharmila, I would have to say no. Two main reasons. First, the step taken towards the claim that AFSPA gunned down civilians in Manipur was after 4 years of the incident. Incident, in which 18 civilians were gunned down, took place in 2000, while the investigation started in 2004. This lethargic response of the government is condemnable. Second, the Jeevan Reddy Commission's were blatantly ignored. Some may argue that, strict laws are necessary to curb militant activities. That is true but not at the cost of civilians life. Government must understand that. Though the actions of Sharmila and Anna Hazare are inappropriate and unlawful, people find no other means to get the attention of otherwise inattentive and sluggish government.
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