Is Poverty the nucleus of Child Labour?
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Is Poverty the nucleus of Child Labour?
» Swati singh, lucknow, 2012-11-11 11:27:21
Yes,i am agree with that poverty is the nucleus of child labour.Due to poverty lots of student does not study and doing work for the welfare of their own and their family.If they don't do any work then question is dat how they get cloth,food and shelter because these are the basic requirement of any human-being.Without these nobody can survive in this earth. Finally i want to conclude my topic with few words that our government can establish some welfare policies for such type of childrens who are working on several colleges canteens,some institutions and other places for their own need.This is not the age for doing work for such childrens infact,this is the age of study. As we know that-"CHILDRENS ARE THE BASE OF OUR FUTURE".So please save this base for the betterment of our and our country's future. Thank you...
»Vinod kumar, Orissa, 2013-01-12 15:58:52
I also agree to the above view.we can say poverty is the nucleus of child labour.But not only child labour but many other thinks such as child prostitution,making childs begger by some groups,etc,We at our level and Government at their level should make some strong commitments to eradicate child labour from the country.Of course it cannot be eradicated in one day but we can approach better for the betterment of the society.After that India will become a happy and prosperous country.
»Amit, Ahmedabad cantt, 2012-11-17 10:44:20
I am of the view that poverty is the root cause of most of the abuse in India. The children are forced to work for the welfare of a family which is socially deprived and backward as well as unable to score two square meal for the in living members. In such situation, child of the family are impelled to work to earn livelihood of that family. Secondly, since these children have not access to the education , they have only option to work. In my view of thinking, to end the child labour in our country, we would have to eradicate poverty first.
»Ramesh, Pune, 2012-11-16 15:55:04
When people are deprived of basic needs and they could not fill the basic necesities by their own earning, they are urged to send their children for some penny to survive. Though there are many govt organisations, NGOs are working in this filed, still poors are bound to send their children to work instead of schools.
» Jayanthi, bangalore, 2012-11-14 19:32:19
I'd say its illiteracy among parents that is responsible for child labor. special counselling is required for those parents who are illiterate. Poverty is responsible for malnourishment, but with the RTE and govt schools children's shouldn't be deprived of elementary schools.
» ASHISH, Delhi, 2012-11-17 23:50:15
Poverty is one of the cause of child labour but its not only the cause of this. The parental influence and lacking of guidance is the root cause of this. These childs are left in the midst of life to continue in the destitution yet there are several other ways to remove this abuse. I think education is the only weapon to win over the poverty. There are lacs of beggars are in India and you will find thousand of beggars family have their own house and property but begging is become their profession , this is the most convinient option for them for survival whereas they have ample resources to groom socially and financially. but they opt for comfortable way and put their generations to stay live in present conditions. I admit that some stimulating and affirmative action are required to lift the underpriviledged people of the society but it you want to lift someone from the above some pressure and efforts are to be put from the below level as well..
» Kittu, chennai, 2012-11-15 22:45:21
RTE is not panacea for child labour and govt schools are ill equipped to bring children to schools
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