Is Freedom of Speech for all Indian citizens rightly protected under Indian constitution?
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Is Freedom of Speech for all Indian citizens rightly protected under Indian constitution?
» Prajakta nandeshwar, mumbai, 2012-12-07 12:33:56
Although our constitution endows upon us the freedom of speech and right to expression,they are obsolete in nature,i.e they cannot be exercised randomly without giving a proper thought.They are meant for social harmony and not for sedition or provocation against any individual or a community...The principle of liberty was inscribed in our Constitution for free and CIVILIZED existence.Hence,there comes a social restraint with the exercise of every right or freedom mentioned in the Constitution as commented by many of our Constitutional experts.This social restraint is necessary citing the diverse nature of our country.Thus these rights should be exercised by all the individuals with the due responsibility.
» Manzoor dar, islamabad j and k, 2012-11-29 09:30:35
Indian constitution protects the right under 19(1)a but d word 'reasonable restriction' has been given a slightly broader interpretation which allows d govt. to impose great many restrictions and thereby making a mockery of d article.Further Sec 124 A of IPC and right to privacy under art. 21 have added to the problem
» Jayanthi, Bangalore, 2012-11-27 17:25:01
Yes, i agree in our constitution Freedom of speech is protected completly. But the recent issue where two girls were arrested for their comments on facebook cannot blame constitution as sole reason for not protecting the rights. There are two angles to look at why the incident became a source for heated debate. One,The Indian politics where caste, Religion at its sleeves, with the supremacy the politician enjoy, the comments made by educated class had to bear the brunt for their pragmatic comments.The RTI act states that democracy requires informed citizens! The recent issues potrays citizens are well informed but the criminalization of politics spoils the game!second reason is there is a heated argument between the indian govt and social networking to pre-screen the contents that are posted which are defamatory in nature. With all these backdrop we can say its not constitution alone which should support freedom of speech, it should be from echelons of gubernatorial to support and encourage freedom of speech to its citizens!
» Prashant Annepu, Raipur, 2012-11-29 03:55:33
Recently a controversial video 'Innocence of Islam' was uploaded in You tube, in United States. That video was against the spirit of humanity as it was hurting the sentiments of the people of a particular religion. Inspite of an uproar in the Middle East & Islamic countries, President of United States Mr. Barac Obama openly declared that no action will be taken against the person who uploaded the video, because United States respects the Freedom of Speech & Expression of every citizen & even God & Religions are open for critical thinking & analysis. Even Indian Constitution provides Freedom of Speech & Expression as a Fundamental Right to its every citizen but unfortunately this exists on papers only & not in reality. Arrest of a Professor for making cartoons of Mamata Banerjee, arrest of Aseem Trivedi in Mumbai for his cartoons & arrest of two girls for writing against Mumbai's bandh on Bal Thackerey's death are few examples where it has been shown that our country is moving away from Democracy. In India, Fundamental Rights are only for the people in Power & with money, but not for ordinary citizens. Indian Constitution has provided this Freedom of Speech with so many loop holes, that a common man cannot enjoy this by being comfortable because the fear to face the wrath of the people in Power always haunts him.
» Manzoor dar, islamabad, 2012-11-29 09:45:57
My dear bro fundmental rights of individuals and the interests of society at large have to be balanced and in case the two conflict the former has to yield. So obama was wrong in not punishing the culprits
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