"Multinational Companies establishing new age colonialism."
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"Multinational Companies establishing new age colonialism."
» Subashini, chennai, 2012-12-31 12:56:54
i agree with the topic that MNC are bringing new age of colonialism. in those days british directly entered our nation started their rule on us . in this new age we ourselves started ruling our fellow men adopting their standard of living, food practices and times we are bound to work. they give us jobs and tend to rule us indirect manner without our knowledge. there is a metamorphism carried over y adopting western ideas in culture, fashion . whih have simeultaneously ended up with inflation, crimes, adverse poverty in rural circle.
»Npwijquk, 1, 2013-02-28 02:23:40
»Prarthana, ahendabad, 2013-01-04 13:42:58
i think if mnc will colniolism in india then goverment can not progress as much they have and mnc will get high prices of their products
» Jayanthi, Bangalore, 2012-12-19 17:02:58
Yes i accept that MNC's are contemporary type of Colniolism. In the British India, the officials use to export our cotton to their country and import finished goods to our country and force us to buy the product marginalizing petty workers like artisants, handicrafts, handloom sectors. Similarly these MNC's with their working conditions, handsome salary extract the talents of indians at a cheaper rate utilize for their benefit and inturn they are importing to our country there life culture, trends, dressing manner which is not suitable for Indian environment. There is a popular theory called Drain of Wealth put forward by D.D.Naoroji. Similarly now in the Democratic India Different companies from different countries in the name of FDI's , invest in different sectors. They with the support of politics, lobby for themselves such that they dont want LAARR bill to be passed, They dont want to pay proper tax to indian Govt (e.g. Vodafone case), they dont want to bother about safety of indian people (e.g. Kundankulum issue). All they want is profit within a minimum gestation period irrespective of Environment, Human condition. In british India the officials from britain occupied our country and indians were under them, in LPG India, Indians have occupied predominant role in the MNC's and almost controlling the service sector. In British India the elites of the society had upper hand, in LPG India the pluralist have upper hand. In british India the officials modernized railways, infrastructure were developed, In LPG india we can see burgeoning middle class who are on par with western culture and a lacunae being created in the development of lower class. There is a cultural shift happening in india because of MNC's. Lastly To wind up my argument, MNC's contribute 60% to our GDP annually making Indian economy a service sector driven economy, but the tax they contribute to india is abysmal and hence proving Drain of Wealth Theory!
» Mahesh chandr meena, Hindaun City, 2012-12-31 23:23:45
Here i would like to introduce a famous term productivity and worker efficiency ,if less number of people are producing large amount of products/services then it means higher productivity and opposite to it lower productivity came . most of the MNCs have huge productivity everyone agree on it , i think !! but this high productivity causes unemployment some argued,but while arguing so they forget that traditionally in India farmers and handloom workers etc were the only manufacturer and there was long supply chain between the producer and customers and due to which most of the profit was use to go with inter mediators now MNCs are reducinig the length of this supply chain and this result in to increment of profit to farmers and definitely a loss to inter-mediators and now these intermediators can be used for another purposes as economy is growing there are lots of chances for them too. MNCs have lots of expertise , technical knowledge and financial power as well which always help the country for rapid industrialization and this is the industrialization which brings prosperity as before the industrial revolution World was in very severe conditions compare to today's World. In India we have many regulatory bodies like TRAI ,SEBI, Competition Commission of India , Investment Board and many more and many of recent events like huge fine on SAHARA India,some cement companies etc shows that these bodies are performing well . negative affect of MNCs can be cured by having a good regulation pattern
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