Commercial Surrogacy is a violation of Human Rights: Needs to be banned in India.
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Commercial Surrogacy is a violation of Human Rights: Needs to be banned in India.
» Deepak, Kochi, 2013-01-23 19:30:47
Surrogation is not a violation of human rights and it shouldn't be banned. Effectively banning surrogation might be difficult as the couple may travel overseas to a nation where surrogation is legal and find a surrogate. There has been instances when the surrogate mother has refused to give back the child to the sponsors. Sometimes, the sponsors refuse to accept the child in the name of disabilities etc. These have caused conflicts among the parties. These issues needs to be tackled via proper legislation and through proper administration of these cases. It will be ideal if information about surrogation is available to the child so that they get to know their parentage and identity. In a nation like ours, the cultural barriers will prove to be a major roadblock for such advances in reproduction related technology. Our social perspective needs to be changed through awareness campaigns and society should look at this just like the practice of adoption. The desire for an offspring is sometimes very high among couples and sometimes they even resort to fatal measures such as suicide due to infertility problems. From a humanitarian view point, commercial surrogacy should not be banned.
»Kerfqvqt, 1, 2015-12-08 17:55:26
»Svltpoec, 1, 2013-02-28 02:23:40
» Anindya Acharya, Santiniketan, 2013-01-20 10:26:50
Its all about the mind setup of the people of a system.In india when many people have to die with starvation, the flag bearers ofv the society do not tell a single word for them.I don't think that the Commercial Surrogacy is a violation of Human Rights and it should be banned.Its a process of mind set up.A woman who needs the money, got. And a matter that she got the maximum level treatment and other offers at that time.When red light areas are not banned why this type of good thinks are to banned.
» Jayanthi, bangalore, 2013-01-09 18:57:15
When Women are not treated has human beings in this Indian Society what is the point of talking about violation of Human Rights! Its a Pie in the Sky. So far media hasn't reported a pregnant women being raped, in that way a surrogate mother atleast for a period of 11 months get all sought of benefits and are safe from heinous crime commited by Men.Let Govt take the Onus to provide minimum gender equality in society which will eradicate this commercial business. Prostitute which is legalized, Surrogacy which is legalized, in all these business women doesn't get into it because of social service or passion, its just because of situation that pushes her to this rim. Let see a women has a Human then talk about whether she is deprived out of human rights or not!
» Saumya verma, madhya pradesh, 2013-01-22 22:45:20
jayanthi,i totally agree with you women are comprised of one of the deprived social groups of our society...deeds like surrogacy and prostitution are entered by them due to their state of abject poverty or unemployment mostly.......hence its important to ensure the dignity of women despite of favouring vague indian culture .....gradual movements which could address the polluted mindsets of people are neccesary
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