Voters in India should be given a choice for "Blank Vote" to exercise their franchise.
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Voters in India should be given a choice for "Blank Vote" to exercise their franchise.
» Saurabh Kumar, new delhi , 2013-02-03 22:41:22
there should be the right to reject or Balnk vote, because there are so many candidate guilty of heinous crime, yet they are free without fear like Bull. there should be the strong commitment towards this not from the parliamentarians but strongly from the People of india. Just ignore then the politicians feels the importance of the vote and people, because why they are here? because, to serve the people of india by whom they are here today, but is being happened reverse of this, revealed the involvement in the corruption scam, murders. money laundering, tax cheating, what is happening in india, I am seeing from the start of this year so mny ups and down in political system, there are no apprehension in corrupts politician. there must be the 'Blank Vote'
» Avinash Kumar Das, kolkata, 2013-01-29 14:56:50
Over a period of time, Indians have developed a mindset which inhibit them to accept new ideas , modify and develop them to fit our local requirements. This has evolved as a major handicap.I think it is a nice move from our goverment side.Basically there are two benefits from this move.First one is this gives us a rough figure of image of nominated candidate.second is if party candidate know that people have this kind of facility then definately they try to increase their good work,much accountable to their work.But foremost these we don't have to stop here ,we should have to implement it honestly and fully operational.Then we get some result.
» Nagsen Meshram, Nagpur, 2013-01-24 13:40:45
Right of blank vote will definitely increase the voting percent. what happens today is that many citizens find the contestants unworthy of their votes and hence doesn't go for voting. if this right is provided there will be changes.
» VINOD KUMAR, koraput, 2013-01-24 20:07:16
I think no blank vote as this a wastage of time and resourses.Inspite of this we should familarize ourshelves against what is happening in Indian politicts and update ouselves also encourage society/public towards education,literacy,growth in and around.If people could not found worthy of giving votes then they should make themselves up to that level and come in their place to act a role of responsible citizen of this country.Of course the change will not come in one day but views can change.India is a democratic country and every body who is eligible can contest election and through this they can avoid blank vote because after that people came in front to vote them.Thanks.
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