Keeping political parties out of the RTI's Act preview is must for smooth functioning of the government.
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Keeping political parties out of the RTI's Act preview is must for smooth functioning of the government.
» Saiku, Chicago, 2013-08-23 22:56:57
When all political parties cutting across ideological lines are huddling to make an amendment, we, the people, are turning out just farcical. Even if they were under RTI clout, they would always tweak and twist their records to get around. Even system work so perfect, then any of the scams and scandals wouldn't have been inked in Indian history. So instead of channeling our efforts towards RTI amendment, I would rather focus on treating political parties as private, for-profit organization. In that way, we can charge them higher taxes and fees denying tax exemptions, concessional land allotments, no charges for public meetings. This way we can bring money to ex-chequer.
» Ashutosh pandey, kolkata, 2013-08-12 21:03:39
when WE THE PEOPLE of INDIA do not care when we vote to our so called representatives, i just dont understand what will we achieve by bringing political parties under RTI. the fact of the matter is INDIANS are emotional for himself herself, but when it comes to nation NOBODY ""NOBODY"" is willing to take responsibility and deliver
» Nitesh kumar, mnnit allahabad, 2013-08-24 03:32:21
RTI should be applied to each and every profession but for poltician it's must.there would be no big deal in functioning the government bcz there are no many issue or judgement is taken by government without consulting the other parties or facing the common people.however government is more of the people than by the people,we are now completed more than 50 yrs of independence,liberity must be provided to us for development of whole nation for which amendment in constitution is necessory.the way trend is going to hide the detail by mostly poltical parties about specialy thier income,fund implemention ,territory development is dangerous for coming future.i would also suggest in some of information like security,future planing etc should be keep out from rti law which may harm in decision making of government.
» Ved, kolkata, 2013-08-23 20:51:14
Political parties RTI ke under nahi aana chahti kyuki usse darr hai ki RTI hone se uske saare galti aur black money ka issue janta ke samne aa jayega, jisse usko vote bank hasil karnd me muskil hogi. Unhone to sirf janta ke liye hi RTI banai hai, lekin jab supreme court ne parties pe RTI lagaya to uske pasine nikalne lage. RTI se sirf wo darte hai jo galti karte hai, parties ka RTI accept nahi karna yah batata hai ki uski parties ne bhi koi galti jaroor ki hai.
» Abhijeet , kanpur, 2013-08-22 22:25:26
Indian political system is plagued by the problem of corruption, be it in obtaining and spending huge amount of black money for elections, and then thereafter backchanneling the peoples money to recover the expenditure during elections. Under such a circumstance, it is necessary to screen the funding to these political parties, which can be brought to a large extent by the rti. The problems, if any, will be no more than what a govt dept. faces which revealing the data . Although, special provisions could be allowerd to deny reasons for decision making
» SAURABH TIWARI, MEERUT, 2013-08-21 15:59:37
I think the political parties are more corrupted then the Government employee.
» Mohan menaria, India, 2013-08-12 13:03:53
For smooth functioning of the government we need good policy with will power to implement them. If RTI is added then their functioning will be more transparent and gap between government and governed will be bridged.
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