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»  H-1B visa and shadow of protectionism
Riding on his electoral rhetoric of stopping immigration and    Read More...
»  Union budget 2017-18 how it fared
The Finance Minister presented the Union Budget 2017-18 whi    Read More...
»  American carnage begins with trump presidency
Two weeks into Trump presidency in the U.S. and it is alread    Read More...
»  Seeing the troubled times through gandhis lenses
Gandhi is appreciated and celebrated more outside India than    Read More...
»  Leaving behind the hottest year and looking forward
Its a worrying fact that since the late 19th century, the ye    Read More...
»  Popular sentiments for Jallikattu
The tens of thousands of people in Tamil Nadu have gathered     Read More...
»  Understanding the nuances Trump politics
How did Donald Trump march his way to victory in U.S Preside    Read More...
»  A second role for Obama
As the Obama Presidency comes to an end, the outgoing U.S. p    Read More...
»  Obamas legacy and Trumps agenda on afghanistan
When he stepped into the Oval office of White House at the s    Read More...
»  Discontent in manipur and effect on elections
The election polling to the Manipur Legislative Assembly wil    Read More...

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