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Can we criticize judiciary
The judiciary stands with its head held high, acting as an arbiter of justice. It is its responsibility to guard the Constitution, protect the citizens right and check the executive and legislature- the other two organs of government. The Supreme Court hears the curative petitions. But is it legal and right to criticize the court s judgments? Is the judiciary the infallible? What does it say of itself when it sends a contempt notice to one of its own but sits blithely when its own orders in Aadhar petitions are not enforced? The ongoing tussle between Centre and judiciary has its own ramifications on the society. The judiciary seems to be fighting for its independence. But it is important for the judiciary to establish its authority and enforce and defend its independence through the transparency of its norms and procedures, quality of its reasoning, and a general image that it will defend the rights pertaining to democracy, liberty and justice. As political despotism looms over its head as elsewhere in country, the judiciary needs to hold itself stronger to rally people behind it.

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