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International Yoga Day and UPSC Aspirants

What does an UPSC aspirant want?
                                                                                                                                                                   By: Avinash Kumar

I feel that most of them aspire for highest form of concentration and a detached sense of duty. This can only inculcate in them that acute sense of  sthipragyna  – the equilibrium of mind.

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word  yoga  comes from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness.

It helps a person to get higher level of consciousness by getting control over the body in all aspects like physically, mentally, socially and intellectually.

Yoga is being promoted at the school level so that it becomes part of the daily curriculum thus bringing in betterment of the students as well as increasing their concentration level towards study.

The UPSC aspirants, who are constantly in the pressure of giving exams for a year viz- Preliminary, Mains and Interview can profit a lot from this ancient practice of controlling their emotions regarding their results.

Daily yoga practice provides inner and outer body strength. It helps in strengthening the body immunity system thus preventing us from various diseases and cures different disease.

The inhaling and exhaling of the oxygen during yoga is the main thing. Practicing yoga in daily life regularly prevents from various diseases as well as cures variety of mental problemsand also controls the anxiety level of the students.

Recognizing its universal appeal, on 11 December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed 21 June as the International Day of Yoga.

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International Yoga Day and UPSC Aspirants

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