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Preparing While Working Vs Full-time Preparation for CSE

Civil Services Examination throws you many challenges. The trick is how you make lemonade out of lemon. Are you willing to clear your obstacle in a blissful manner or are you the kind of person who continuously blame your luck for the unfortunate turn of events in your life? If you are the former, well done! You have already won half the battle as no matter what challenges you might face, you will be looking at it through rose tinted glasses. Whereas, if you are the latter, then time has come that you change your attitude because, you are preparing for the biggest competition of the country, where uncertain or adverse situations might regularly come. It is better to face them with the right set of attitudes and beliefs.


The following narrative is in consonant with the above thought. Many candidates who are preparing for this examination come from different background. They are not blessed in having a smooth conditioned life. Apart from the challenges thrown up by UPSC, they suffer arduous challenges of life too.


Let’s see how two people from different walks of life, prepare for this examination.


A Working Aspirant


Sumit, is a graduate from a middle-class background. His father got retired on the same year when he decided to prepare for CSE. To not become a burden on his family, Sumit decided to work at nearby office where he could earn some money.


Sumit is not despondent of the fact that most of his time is spent working on projects which keeps him apart from his dream of becoming a Civil Servant. In fact, he is happy that working in an official environment gives him a boost of confidence. He is able to view things in a comprehensive manner, taking in every view- involving his colleague and employer.


He is also able to think rationally and objectively. Also, life in office gave him few traits, which he earlier did not possess such as punctuality, discipline and time management. Interacting with different clients in a day also helped him in becoming an extrovert and friendly, a trait which he thinks will help him in the interview. He feels that in the interview round where questions will be asked about the skills he learnt during his studies and exams, he will be well prepared to take on those questions. Besides, if CSE proved to be failure for him, he could at least have a job to fall back upon.


A Full-time Aspirant


On other side, lies a different story. Akhand, previously worked in an MNC in Bangalore in an engineering firm. He too aspired to become an IAS Officer. He used to go early to his office, where most of his time was spent on working on managing data and coding. After arriving in the evening, he barely had energy left to contribute for his studies.Talking about his experience, he felt that he was not able to give his valuable time for CSE preparation.


Last year, he managed to clear prelims. But for preparing mains, he did not get any extra leave from office, thus, he lost on the interview by few marks. After consulting with his parents, colleagues and friends, he decided to leave the job and to prepare for CSE full time.


According to Akhand, preparing full-time for Civil Services Examination do have many benefits. Apart from having ample time in hands, one can also attend any coaching institute. Akhand, also felt that, though leaving the job was a hard decision but in the end, it would pay off. In the meantime, he is now financially dependent on his parents who regularly send him monthly cheques.


Also, after a period when the coaching got over, he felt that he wasn’t able to concentrate and utilize his time wisely. As most of his preparation is over now, the precious time is lost in some unimportant work.From this year, he is planning to take a test series from a reputed coaching institute. At least, the time will be spent in worthwhile manner and he could keep track of his preparation. If he is not able to clear the examination next year, he plans to take up a less time-consuming job.




An aspirant goes through two minds, whether to accept a job or not. The dilemma is severe because such situations create stress. Stress is barrier to success. Many aspirants have cleared the exam while working. Though it requires utter hard work and the will to succeed, but when you aim for the target, the eyes should not wander off from the goal.


‘Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress, whereas working hard for something we love is called passion’. Either working or not, both decisions should be taken keeping all things in mind. The UPSC do not discriminate between an unemployed or employed person. These thoughts are figment of our imagination. So, working or not, do not spend an iota of your time wasting it. It’s better to be in the preparation mode all the time. Equal sweat is flowed out of every aspirant. And if you are not willing to work for it, don’t complain about not having it.

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