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Once you are sure of clearing the prelims or you have a decent score in the prelims as per different unofficial answer keys you start hearing the rhetoric that to join a test series would do the best in the upcoming mains. Many civil service aspirants attempt these test series without much knowledge of the purpose these test series  are supposed to serve. As knowing the purpose of any endeavor of yours is essential for utilizing it for your full advantages and so is the case with writing mock tests. This article will help to enlighten those who are in need of such a knowledge and thus help them in their endeavors to clear the civil service exam. 
Writing or attempting mock tests helps you in improving answer writing skills. Take the example of an athlete, who even though know the science of sprint race even have to practice the raise so as to perform well. Like wise an aspirant giving the civil service exam in spite of studying to cent percentage the topics as per the syllabus have to practice writing so that he is able to make maximum results in the upcoming mains exams as it a test of quality with time constraints.

The mock tests gives you idea about how the real civil service exam would be which is important in clearing the civil service exam. If you consider the civil service exam to be your enemy that you need to defeat, then the saying one should know about his enemy more than he knows about himself come in to play . Also the mock tests here will provide you opportunities to correct your mistakes even before you make them in the real exam and also to plan accordingly keeping in mind the realities of the exam and your own limitations.

Giving mock tests also helps you in easing the pressure when you actually sit on the hot seat to write the exam. It gives you rehearsal before you actually go to write an exam, this actually helps to ease the pressure involved. As it is known that many students commit silly mistakes that cause them their that years chance only due to mounting tension in the exam hall. And writing mock tests in effective numbers will help you take control over these unwanted and avoidable mistakes.

The next question is which test series to attempt as there is ample reasons to doubt the reliability of test series provided by different institutes. So here is the best option before you the Chronicle IAS Academy provides the best coaching , material and test series for aspiring students, it is reliable and had guided many successful people as well as is still guiding the thousands of aspirants across the country. 

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