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Mains Daily Questions

Q .

Nationalism is a feeling of brotherhood and respect towards the feeling of each other without any discrimination on the ground of religion,region,caste, class,sex  etc. Examine?

Q .

Do you think that the Anti defection law has been strenghtening the ideals of  democracy and also inculcating an accountability in the legislatures? Critically evaluate.

Q .

"Growth without jobs or Jobs without growth is not possible in the arena of globalisation and more openess of the world economy". Evaluate the statement.

Q .

What do you mean by Trade facilitation agreement (TFA). What is the main concern of India regarding TFA with WTO (World Trade Organization)?

Q .

In government of India dated security, share of public sectors institutions are declining but the FII’s is increasing. Why? Suggest some measures to increase the share of public sector institution in the government securities and bonds.

Q .

“In recent time, the non state actors are playing an important role to destablise the peace of any country and promote the terrorism activity.” Evaluate this statement in the light of India’s security challenges from its neighbouring country on both front (Eastern & Western)?

Q .

Most part of the western India is suffering from water crisis. What should be done according to you? Suggest some practical solution to tackle this problem.

Q .

“Without labour reform we cannot think about the success of Make in India.” Evaluate this statement in the light of the Payment of Bonus (Amendment) Act 2015?

Q .

“Relation between the India and Pakistan has always been judged on the basis of outcome of political vendetta.” Do you agree with this statement? Substantiate your argument with examples.

Q .

Explain the relevance of SC/ST Amendment Act 2015. Do you think that it can enhance the life style of SC/ST people in rural areas? Critically examine.

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