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Online All India Prelims Test Series 2018


  1. Chronicle All India Prelims Test Series 2018 – A complete package to test your preparedness for Civil services examination 2018.
  2. The test series include a total of 41 tests divided into 21 sub-sectional tests, 7 sectional tests, 5 CSAT and 8 GS comprehensive mock tests.
  3. Test schedule is prepared in a manner to align with Your preparation and guide you in achieving Your dream job.
  4. The 21 sub-sectional tests will aid in strengthening Your basics in General Studies. Each test consists of 50 high quality questions only.
  5. The 7 sectional tests will further test Your clarity on individual subject domain of General Studies.
  6. With UPSC tightening the loophole of CSAT, over the years it has become a tough nut to crack. Our 5 CSAT tests will provide You with ample practice to crack this nut.
  7. The 8 GS mock tests will bring You into the groove of UPSC Prelims Exam with comprehensive testing of your preparedness to the exam.
  8. Questions for the tests are curated to fit the standards of UPSC. High quality guaranteed.
  9. Questions from current affairs are included in all the tests so that You are not missed of latest happenings.
  10. With our Real Time Performance Analysis Report, You can easily assess Your preparation status.
  11. Tests are conducted in a user-friendly manner and can be taken at Your convenience.
  12. Explanations to the questions are provided in real time - at a click of a button.
  13. You can easily check Your performance in various tests at “Report Card” tab in “My Account”.
  14. Mid-way to the Test Series (after sub-sectional tests), You will start receiving a detailed topic-wise comparative analysis reports in Your report cards. This will help You in sorting your problem areas and making Yourself ready for Prelims 2018.
  15. Discussion video of the sectional tests will be uploaded and will be available in “My Account” section.
  16. To aid in your revision you have access to attempt each test thrice.

Chronicle All India Prelims Test Series 2018

No. of Test Date Day Test Name Topics in Test
1 20-Nov. Monday Physical Geography Test 1 The Earth, Landforms and Oceans
2 23-Nov. Thursday Physical Geography Test 2 Climate and Human Geography
3 27-Nov. Monday Indian Geography Test 1 Physical Geography of India
4 30-Nov. Thursday Indian Geography Test 2 Human and Economic Geography of India
5 4-Dec. Monday Ancient History Test 1 From Harappan Civilisation to Mauryan period
6 7-Dec. Thursday Ancient History Test 2 From Mauryan period to Gupta period
7 11-Dec. Monday Indian Polity Test 1 Part I to Part VI of Indian Constitution
8 14-Dec. Thursday Indian Polity Test 2 Part VII to Part XXII and Schedules of Indian Constitution
9 18-Dec. Monday Economics Test 1 Basics of Economics
10 21-Dec. Thursday Economics Test 2 Indian Economy
11 25-Dec. Monday Art & Culture Test 1 Paintings, Scriptures, Architecture and sculptures
12 28-Dec. Thursday Art & Culture - II Test 2 Dance forms - Classical and Folk, Musical tradition, Folk theatre/art, Festivals and Tribes
13 1-Jan. Monday Medival Indian History Test 1
14 4-Jan. Thursday Modern Indian History Test 1 From1728 to 1885
15 8-Jan. Monday Modern Indian History Test 2 From 1885 to 1914
16 11-Jan. Thursday Modern Indian History Test 3 From 1914 till Independence
17 15-Jan. Monday Ecology & Environment Test 1 Basics
18 18-Jan. Thursday Ecology & Environment Test 2 Climate Change issues, Institutions, treaties and policies
19 22-Jan. Monday Basic Science Test 1 Class XII Level
20 25-Jan. Thursday Science & Tech Test 2 Important and emerging fields of Science and Indian Science Scenario
21 29-Jan. Monday Plan & Policies Test 1 The Earth, Landforms and Oceans
22 4-Feb. Sunday Sectional Test 1 Geography
23 11-Feb. Sunday Sectional Test 2 Ecology & Environment
24 18-Feb. Sunday Sectional Test 3 Science
25 22-Feb. Thursday Sectional Test 4 Economic Survey & Budget
26 25-Feb. Sunday Sectional Test 5 Economics
27 11-Mar. Sunday Sectional Test 6 History
28 18-Mar. Sunday Sectional Test 7 Polity
29 25-Mar. Sunday Mock Test 1 UPSC Prelims full syllabus for GS (Paper-I)
30 1-Apr. Sunday Mock Test 2 UPSC Prelims full syllabus for GS (Paper-I)
31, 32 8-Apr. Sunday Mock Test 3 & 4 UPSC Prelims full syllabus for GS (Paper-I)
CSAT Composite Test-1 (Paper-II)
33, 34 15-Apr. Sunday Mock test 5 & 6 UPSC Prelims full syllabus for GS (Paper-I)
CSAT Composite Test-2 (Paper-II)
35, 36 22-Apr. Sunday Mock Test 7 & 8 UPSC Prelims full syllabus for GS (Paper-I)
CSAT Composite Test-3 (Paper-II)
37, 38 29-Apr. Sunday Mock Test 9 & 10 UPSC Prelims full syllabus for GS (Paper-I)
CSAT Composite Test-4 (Paper-II)
39, 40 6-May. Sunday Mock Test 11 & 12 UPSC Prelims full syllabus for GS (Paper-I)
CSAT Composite Test-5 (Paper-II)
41 13-May. Sunday Mock Test 13 UPSC Prelims full syllabus for GS (Paper-I)

Sources to Read

Geography (Physical and Indian): NCERTs Class VI-XII & Goh Che Leong
Indian Polity: Indian Polity by Laxmikant and Current affairs, NCERT - Class 10 - Democratic Politics II, & NCERT - Class 11 - Indian Constitution at Work
Ancient History: Old NCERT - Ancient Indian History & NCERT - Our Pasts-I - Class 6
Medieval History: Old NCERT - Medieval Indian History & NCERT - Our Pasts-II - Class 7
Modern Indian History: Old NCERT - Modern Indian History, India's Struggle for Independence - Bipin Chandra
Art & Culture: NCERTs and NIOS Books, www.ccrtindia.gov.in
Economics:NCERTs - Class XI-XII, Newspapers
Ecology and Environment: NCERTs Class VI-XII, Any book that covers ecology basics, Newspapers
Science: NCERTs Class VI-XII, Newspapers
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