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Naveen Singla 28th Rank


CSC:  Tell us about yourself, your academic background and the reason why you opted for Civil Services as a career?

Naveen Singla : I uttered my first word when I was 2 yrs old and it was Buddhi and the second word was Buddha (It was a reaction to a word Buddhu by my aunt as if the baby could not resist and answered immediately). In think this explains myself, its a journey from Buddhi to Buddha. As far as my academic background is concerned I am a Commerce graduate from Multani Mal Modi College, Patiala. I opted for Civil Services as I was inspired by a Serial Udaan on Doordarshan in which the protagonist Kalyani, after a lot of struggle, goes on to become an IPS officer. I was in 3rd standard at that time.

CSC: What do you think is the best way to go about for preparation for Prelims, Mains and the interview? Is there an overlap in the preparation of all three?

Naveen Singla :  For Prelims i would recommend exhaustive Study. Prelims is basically about facts.
For Mains intensive study is recommended . One can be selective. There is no need to do the whole syllabus. Even with 65% syllabus covered one can be safe.
For Interview – One’s personality matters and it is a continuous process.
There is a definite overlap in all the stages of preparation. One has to have an integrated approach as all the stages are interlinked. Good prelims preparation helps to attempt 2 Markers in mains and good mains preparation definitely help in making a view point which is helpful in interview.

CSC: What were your optionals? What made you zero in on them?

Naveen Singla : They were Punjabi Literature and Psychology.  Psychology because it is very interesting and Punjabi Literature because I wanted to read certain books in Punjabi which is my mother tongue. I joined Synchronous for GS and discussions with Abhay Thakur (its Director) were of real help for my Interview.

CSC: What was your strategy for answer writing in mains? What do you think they are looking for in your answers?

Naveen Singla : It is very important to have a good introduction and a good end to every question. Stick to the word limit as far as GS is concerned. Also write to the point with an example in 20 marker question in optional subject. Time Management is extremely important.

CSC: How was your interview experience?

Naveen Singla :  I was interviewed in the afternoon session. I wore White Shirt, Black Trouser and Turquoise Blue Tie (particularly selected for the occasion). It was K. Roy Paul’s Board. There were 2 lady members also. The Board was very cordial. There were some tense moments also. One member had a surprised look on his face throughout the interview. I also maintained a warm smile.

CSC: What were the questions which they asked you?

Naveen Singla :  Questions ranged from my Service preference which is IPS – Why IPS, Police Reforms, Economic Slowdown, Naxalism, Community Policing, Metro Project, Women Empowerment, Hobbies (questions were on reading which is incidentally not my hobby). There were some tricky questions also like why women suffered from Anaemia throughout Social Spectrum which I answered to the complete satisfaction of the Board. There was series of questions and a long discussion on the Issue of Women Empowerment.

CSC: To whom do you credit your success in this exam?

Naveen Singla : As Osho says, “the whole responsibility is yours“. It is my initiative, strategy, perseveration which have made me see light of the day. My parents particularly my Mother’s support, have been instrumental in making me through. My friend Hemant Aggarwal and my brother Nitish Singla also motivated me throughout my preparation

CSC: What advice would you give to civil services aspirants?

Naveen Singla : Everything moves in a circle. I have left people far behind who were once ahead of me. Believe in yourself. A mix of right strategy and concentrated hard work at right time of your preparation will see you through. Read one or two spiritual magazines to see the bigger picture in life. Take the whole responsibility on your shoulders.

CSC: How useful was Chronicle for your CSC preparation?

Naveen Singla :  I have not a missed a single issue of Chronicle for last 4 yrs. It is an important compendium of Articles, Facts, analysis for Civil Services Aspirants. It is quite useful for prelims, mains and interview preparation.

Personal Info
Name : Naveen Singla
Roll No. 238118
DOB : 25-09-1982
Rank : 28
Attempt: 3rd
Father : Mr. Suresh  Singla (Insurance Consultant with LIC)
Hobbies : Chess, Cricket, Singing
Service Preference : IPS, IAS, IFS
Previous selection : Asst. Commandant in CRPF
Home District : Patiala
State : Punjab

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