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Ravi Kant (IAS 2010)

CSC: Congratulations for your brilliant success Mr. Ravi.
Ravi Kant: Thanks.

CSC: What was your strategy for success?
Ravi Kant: Planned, systematic & focused hard work coupled with perseverance and determination to give my best formed the core of my strategy.

CSC: When did you start the preparation for IAS Examination?
Ravi Kant: I had the dream to be an IAS officer from my school days itself but I started the preparation seriously only during the final year of graduation.

CSC: How difficult it is to succeed in Civil Services Examination in the very first attempt?
Ravi Kant: I think it is easier to qualify in 1st attempt than in the third or fourth attempts. If you plan the preparation well, work hard and get good guidance, it is easily possible to get a good rank in the first attempt itself.

CSC: What were your optionals?
Ravi Kant: My optionals were History and Geography.

CSC: Why did you select these subjects?
Ravi Kant: History is the safest optional for Civil Services Examination in the current changing trends. It helps a lot in General Studies, both in Prelims and Main  Examinations. History optional is highly analytical and it is highly scoring as well. Aspirants with History Optional are getting very good marks now a days. I selected Geography optional mainly because it makes a good combination with History. Both are interesting subjects as well.

CSC: How does academic background help in the preparation for Civil Services ?
Ravi Kant: Academic background does not play much significant role in Civil Services Examination. Your success largely depends on the optionals you choose and guidance you get. Good guidance is the key to crack the IAS examination.

CSC: What are your suggestions for the beginners ? When should the fresher take the exam?
Ravi Kant : The beginners  should go through the NCERT books from 6th to 12th Std. Then go for systematic preparation and take the exam after one year of thorough preparation. Develop the habit of reading magazines and newspapers. Be honest in your work and remain committed to your goal.

CSC: What was your strategy for Prelims Examination?
Ravi Kant: For prelims, I read the NCERT books to build a strong base. I used government publications like India Year Book and Economic Survey as well. Regular reading of The Hindu Newspaper helps a lot in GENERAL STUDIES.

CSC: What should be the orientation for Prelims – voracious reading or selective study with notes?
Ravi Kant: I believe that for GENERAL STUDIES prelims voracious and extensive reading is must. The CSAT needs conceptual clarity as well as good practice.

CSC: Which newspapers and magazines did you read ?
Ravi Kant: I relied on The Hindu and the Civil Services Chronicle.

CSC: What do you think is the significance of the medium of language in the Main Examination?
Ravi Kant: I think the medium does not matter much. The candidate must be comfortable in the medium he/she is using. You should have complete command over the subject matter and should be in a position to present your views properly.

CSC: What is the role of coaching institute in the success of a candidate?
Ravi Kant: Now a days coaching institutes play an important role in the success of a candidate in Civil Services Examination. The competition is cut throat and you have to compete with the best in the field. For that you need proper guidance and best study material.

CSC: Would you like to suggest any thing to new-comers about the selection of any coaching institute?
Ravi Kant: While selecting the right institute, the aspirants should definitely enquire about the recent performance. You must ensure that he/she can get personal attention in coaching institute otherwise sitting in the crowd of candidates would not be of much help.


1. DD Basu and PM Bakshi for Indian Polity
2. XI and XII class NCERT  books (old) for Indian History
3. India’s Economic Development (NCERT), Eco. Survey (for current topics)
4. Geography XI and XII class NCERT (new)
5. Newspapers/Magazine: The Hindu, Civil Services Chronicle and The Yojana

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