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Chronicle All India Prelims Test Series 2017

( with Special Focus on Current Affairs )

(Admission Open)
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Testimonials By: Our Successful Civil Services Aspirants in Prelims 2016



  Great paper with good set of questions Hoping for good set of questions in next test too.  

Shashank Ranjan (New Delhi)

  i really enjoyed the test..i want you to provide a pdf format of both exams such that we can rectify our mistakes...very informative and useful test...thanks chronicle.  

Santhi (vizianagaram)

  QUESTION WAS A BIT DIFFICULT COMPARE TO LAST YEAR UPSC PREL QUESTION. I COULD NOT ATTEMPT ALL QUESTION DUE TO SOME PERSONAL REASON BEYOND MY CONTROL. but keeping in view of exam pattern of India most prestigious post the mock difficulty was ok but question on indian constitution was a bit more..  


  the standard of the papers were really good. It would be all the way more beneficial if some sort of alert system as regards the timings in both the papers can be put into place. Voluntary submission of papers somehow slackens the 'time consciousness' aspect. I mean even though many of the aspirants submitted their papers keeping the time limit in mind, there's still a average delay of 5-10 mins. So, if there is a proper alert system or a 'time out' signal then we can at least move a step closer to real UPSC exam environment.  

Bishal Jeet Boruah (Delhi)

  you all too good. thanks for organising such an excellent test.  

Kumar Sudhansu (Madhipura)

  Your test series is very much up to date and up to the mark of UPSC standard.  


  It was very good. I needed more time on one page.  

Abhay (Noida)

  it was great...level was a bit more than upsc for (specially for history)..current affairs was very nice! keep it up!.  

Ashutosh Rangari (Delhi)

  Awesome service .. Thank you for helping serious aspirants Good Luck for your future endeavour  

Sonali Mohanty (Kota)

  Thank you team for giving me an opportunity to take mock test. I got to learn many things and I got to know where to improve my skills and abilities. Thank you very much  

Anna Bella (Secunderbad)

  I am surprised at the quality of support you guys are providing to the aspirants. I am very happy and satisfied with the test questions and level. it was a great experience and got a real feel of what to expect in the exam. Thank you again! Keep up the great work!  

K Kundan Krishna (Delhi)

  Best Exam Exp. and good for preparation point of view. All aspirants should go though these questions and know about their preparation for the exam.  

Rajesh Pal Singh (Jaipur)

  Nice ...experience...and candidates who wish to starts preparation.. this test will enable a great strenth to start from where n where....and if the solution explanation wil be in pdf formate it is better i think  

Veera Venkata Prasanth Pasala (Hyderabad)

  Thanks for providing the good opportunity to judge myself for prelims preparation. Questions are very Standard and tough as per UPSC. I really appreciate to Chronicle for such a wonderful Test.  

Alka Singh (Maharashtra)

  Questions are very well created and strandard. I hope same type of questions will be asked in next tests.  

Mukesh Jha (Bihar)

  Fantastic Test. Feel great.  

Sudipta Bose (West Bengal)

  It was good to attempt a test  

Sakshi (Chandigarh)

  The solution should be descriptive in nature. Kindly provide detailed solution. The paper was overall good.  


  Questions are as per UPSC standards and now it's prooved that Chronicle's Test series is the Best in the civil services Market. I have done only 45 correct answers. Attempted 49.  

Nidhi Khurana (Punjab)

  Nice test. It was very tough though.  

Arunanand T A

  Question suppose to be in both the language in one place, and less mistakes in question framing.  

Shivani Tiwari (Uttar Pradesh)

  right =29*2=58 & wrong=28/3=9.3. Thnx a lot test was fantastically standard.  

Bharat Kumar Pandey (Madhya Pradesh)

  It is the best test series. It covers basic to advance level of concepts matching UPSC standards. it gave me the real feel of the exam. this test has really apprised me of my preparation level. this exam was an eye opener as it has  

Amit Khandelwal

  I have given Chronicle's Self assessment prelims test and find that it is so useful and give a real feel like a UPSC exam. Its question standard is excellent from basic to moderate to tough. Its current affair question is also useful  

Shani Kumar ((Bihar))

  This test is very important for every IAS aspirant.Thanks Chronicle......  


Percentage of Questions in Civil Services Prelims Paper close to or directly from Chronicle’s All India Test Series


  1. Chronicle All India Prelims Test Series provides right guidance and strategy to boost confidence among the students
  2. Tests are prepared in sync with Basic Tests (based on NCERT books) and Sectional tests that will help you achieve your dream without making you victim of trials and errors
  3. This test series is totally based on the latest pattern of UPSC Prelims syllabus
  4. Core emphasis given on the fusion of Current Affairs with traditional topics
  5. Current Affairs of last one year (from July 2016) will be also covered in this test series
  6. Total Tests 35 (Basic Tests - 4, Sectional Tests - 7, CSC Current Affairs Tests -11, Mock GS Tests -8 & Mock CSAT Tests -5)
  7. There are 4 Basic tests based on NCERT books and 7 Sectional tests based on standard reference books
  8. There are 13 comprehensive mock test - 8 Mock tests for General Studies and 5 Mock Tests on CSAT strictly based on latest UPSC pattern
  9. Exclusive 11 tests based on Current Affairs from India Year Book, Yojana, Kurukshetra, Civil Services Chronicle, various govt. reports and leading newspapers, etc. (Prepared by Civil Services Chronicle expertise)
  10. Every Civil Services Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude test is followed by detailed classroom discussion on the same day of the test with detailed solutions.
  11. There is a detailed classroom discussion of each Basic and Sectional test on the following Saturday of the test day.
  12. The detailed solutions with explanation will be provided only in SOFTCOPY in their account
  13. Personal attention and Doubt clearance session with detail explanation of questions
  14. Tests conducted in both English and Hindi medium
  15. All India Ranking will be provided to all the enrolled students
  16. Individual feedback is provided to each student after every test
  17. FREE Softcopy of Weekly Current Affairs (English) material will be provided to each enrolled students
  18. Classroom Discussion video will be provided to each student’s account (classroom students will get the video on request)
  19. Flexible timing for classroom Test: Till Wednesday of each week between 9AM to 1 PM
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Chronicle All India Prelims Test Series 2017

No. of Test Date Topic DISCUSSION Date
1 Test - 1 (Available) Chronicle Self Assessment Test-1(Based on UPSC Prelims Paper - I, General Studies) Done
2 Test - 2 (Available) Chronicle Self Assessment Test-2(Civil Services Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude Test) Done
3 Test - 3 (Available) Basic Test on History Done
4 Test -4 (Available) Basic Test on Polity Done
5 Test - 5 (Available) Civil Services Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude Test Done
6 Test - 6 (Available) Basic Test on Geography Done
7 Test - 7 (Available) Basic Test on Economy Done
8 Test - 8 (Available) Civil Services Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude Test Done
9 Test - 9 (Available) Sectional Test on Geography Done
10 Test - 10 (Available) Sectional Test on Ancient & Medieval History+Art-Culture Done
11 Test - 11 (Available) Civil Services Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude Test Done
12 Test - 12 (Available) Sectional Test on National Movement & Modern History Done
13 Test - 13 (Available) Sectional Test on Sc-Tech & Ecology- Environment Done
14 Test - 14 (Available) Civil Services Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude Test Done
15 Test - 15 (Available) Sectional Test on Indian Polity+ Governace & Social Justice Done
16 Test - 16 (Available) Sectional Test on Economic & Social Development Done
17 Test - 17 (Available) Civil Services Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude Test Done
18, 19 Test - 18, 19 (Available) Mock Test-1 (GS) + Civil Services Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude Test
20, 21 Test - 20, 21 (Available) Mock Test-2 (GS) + Civil Services Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude Test
22, 23 Test - 22, 23 (Available) Mock Test-3 (GS) + Civil Services Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude Test
24, 25 Test - 24, 25 (Available) Mock Test-4 (GS+CSAT)
26, 27 Test - 26, 27 (Available) Mock Test-5 (GS+CSAT)
28, 29 Test - 28, 29 (Available) Mock Test-6 (GS+CSAT)
30, 31 Test - 30, 31 (Available) Mock Test-7 (GS+CSAT)
32, 33 Test - 32, 33 (Available) Mock Test-8 (GS+CSAT)
34 Test - 34 (Available) Current Affairs Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude Test
35 Test - 35 (Available) Current Affairs Chronicle Current Affairs Aptitude Test

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